Softlogic brings AI device TeDi Alexa to Sri Lanka

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 Softlogic brings AI device TeDi Alexa to Sri Lanka

Retail giant Softlogic Retail Ltd., a fully-owned subsidiary of Softlogic Holdings PLC, has joined hands with The Connection Workshop Ltd. to bring seamless efficiency of Artificial Intelligence to the homes of the everyday Sri Lankan consumer through the island wide network of Softlogic showrooms.

This futuristic collaboration has led to the introduction of the TeDi Alexa; the first Alexa integrated device to be officially launched in Sri Lanka, giving the local consumer the opportunity to purchase technology that was once only available in highly tech savvy countries.

The world has rapidly transitioned from merely talking about artificial intelligence to accepting its ubiquitous role with open arms, as it takes on most of our multi-faceted responsibilities. The popularity of its usage has increased significantly with AI devices becoming part of our daily lives.

Currently, TeDi Alexa is considered to be the first of Amazon’s AI devices integrated to a smart platform enabling voice activation and smart controlling of connected devices direct from the TeDi Alexa device.

Softlogic Retail Ltd. Chief Executive Officer Mohammed Rizvi said, “We are proud to present a device that will enable Sri Lankans to be on par with the fast-paced ever-changing AI platform of the world. As integration of AI into homes and work become the norm, it enables us to adapt to the growing trend which will take us forward into the global technological sphere.”

The Connection Workshop Chief Executive Officer Dilshan Boteju said, “With the backing of South Asian Technologies, our parent company, we have grown from strength to strength. Moreover, the launch of this avant-garde product has provided much needed scope for the futuristic prospects of our country and put us on the right track.”

TeDi Alexa comes with the added feature of being able to voice and App control compatible PeoTV or Dialog TV boxes. TeDi Alexa completely eliminates the need to look for the remote control and search through hundreds of channels. Navigating through TV channels is now as easy as giving a voice command.

TeDi Alexa has its own inbuilt Infra-Red (IR) blaster that can control any surrounding IR controlled devices – making the entire surrounding area a smart voice controlled hotspot.

Its ability to provide Amazon Alexa skill integration makes TeDi Alexa an all-purpose device by being able to answer questions, report on weather, listen to music (Tunein Radio, Amazon music), listen to flash briefings, check one’s calendar and read emails and even prepare replies!

Through a voice user interface (VUI), voice services like TeDi Alexa can communicate with people in ways that seem effortless. TeDi Alexa can solve problems and get smarter over time, with new skills being added frequently.

Consumers who wish to purchase the newest AI Tedi Alexa from Softlogic, will be eligible for special cash offers and enjoy 0% interest free installment schemes on credit cards issued by all leading banks. The device will be available at all leading Softlogic Max and Softlogic stores, and can also be purchased through; Softlogic’s e-Commerce portal.

The Connection Workshop has already introduced its flagship TeDi Robot Vacuum through the Softlogic Max chain and will soon introduce the TeDi IR Blaster, Fan Controller and many new exciting devices including a Smart Window Washer for domestic use.

South Asian Technologies, the parent company of The Connection Workshop plans to introduce many new innovative skills to complement the device operation in Sri Lanka, like ordering a cab, ordering your favourite meal, etc. by simply asking TeDi - Alexa!

Softlogic is the leading retailer in the Sri Lankan consumer electronics and furniture industries. Appreciated by discerning shoppers for its impressive customer focused service, consumer-friendly ambience, superior after sales service, one-stop shop experience and ample parking facilities, Softlogic and Softlogic Max showrooms offer a wide range of world famous consumer electronics and household appliance brands which include state of the art TVs, Home Theatre Systems, Audio Systems, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Air Conditioners, Laptops, Mobile Phones, Kitchen Appliances and Furniture. Softlogic offers the world’s most loved brands such as Panasonic, Samsung, Dell, Nokia, Acer, Candy, Whirlpool, Apple, TCL as well as home brands such as Softlogic Prizm, Maxmo and Softlogic Furniture.

Softlogic Holdings PLC is one of Sri Lanka’s foremost conglomerates with leading market positions in the country’s growing economic sectors; retail, healthcare, ICT, automobiles, leisure and financial services. Softlogic holds Authorised Distributorships for key global brands and today, employs over 11,000 people in its offices in Sri Lanka and Australia.

The Connection Workshop Ltd., a subsidiary of South Asian Technologies Ltd. is a leading distributor of high-end, best of breed ICT solutions in Sri Lanka and has been in operation for over a decade. SAT represents world-class ICT brands as the sole authorised representative in Sri Lanka and the Maldives. SAT has a prestigious clientele including all the leading banks, telecommunication service providers, most of the top conglomerates, and hundreds of other organisations.

Moreover, SAT entered the IoT market during the last two and a half years and has partnered with one of the largest IoT device platform providers in the world to introduce TeDiSmart, smart home solutions to the Sri Lankan market and has made the products available through The Connection Workshop Ltd.

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